Slowing down – An update

I must apologize to my loyal readership (and you both know who you are).  It has been a challenge for me, throughout the Fall, to generate content for this site on a schedule. In October I spend quite a bit of time farming whenever I’m home from my full time job. I have recurrent airline training this time of year and it is this time of the year also when the kid’s school activities ramp up to a fever pitch. We have plays, and concerts, and scholastic bowl, and fundraisers and fundraisers and fundraisers. I also like to take a bit of time in the Fall to spend outdoors with my family before the dreaded Winter hits. All of these are offered up as an excuse for my sloth.

My real excuse, though, will be that my original pace was unsustainable. I do not want to post my writing just to post some writing. When I post something I want it to be of good quality and worth a few minutes of your time. And, of course, I’m paying for the site and not troubling you with advertisements so I think this is a  reasonable position. If you are someone who checks this space breathlessly every morning hoping for a new essay or story (yeah, right!) you can use the subscribe link and will be notified when any new content is posted.

I am working on several pieces. Whether they are of good quality and worth your time will be determined by you.

A couple of updates are in order, I think. I recently got my first piece of writing “published” on another website. My piece called “The Sycamore” appeared on the site called It is a pretty neat site and worth your time to take a look if you are inclined to like nature and writing.

Finally, another tree related update. After our recent windstorm the last trunk of my big Cottonwood north of the house finally gave up the ghost and came crashing down. It is a pitiful sight to see such a giant prostrate on the ground. It took out two or three lesser trees on its way down. All good things come to an end, I guess.


More to come.